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我的学生证照片 交换 FLEX3正式版序列号

10.26.2008, flex, by .


Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro is available for free to all education customers. This includes all students, faculty and staff of eligible education institutions.

Proof of Eligibility
To receive the product, you must upload a valid proof of eligibility to get the serial numbers to activate the product. Valid proofs of eligibility are:
1. a student ID showing current enrollment,
2. a Faculty ID showing current employment
3. an employee ID showing current employment, or
4. a letter on an educational institution letterhead stating that you are either a current student, a current faculty member or a current employee of the institution.


我的学生证照片 交换 FLEX3正式版序列号 有1条回应

  1. 2009-05-03 在 17:40 stormer

    记得当年刚有163免费个人网站空间的时候,我那会也笨,连FTP都不会用, 穿了个女孩的马甲去聊天室里请教…. 咔咔



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