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Adobe Flash Access 2.0 Unveiled

09.17.2009, flash, by .

Adobe announced  Flash Access 2.0, a key component of the Adobe Flash Platform. Flash Access is a scalable, flexible content protection solution that enables the distribution and monetization of premium content, which can create new sources of revenue for media publishers.

New in this release, content protected with Flash Access 2.0 will play back securely on an upcoming version of Adobe Flash Player software – the cross-operating system browser plug-in that is available on more than 98 percent of Internet-connected desktops worldwide.

Scheduled to ship early next year, Adobe Flash Access 2.0 will provide robust protection of audiovisual content and flexible usage rules to support a wide range of business models, including electronic sell-through, rental and video on-demand, for streaming or download.

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  1. 估计收费不菲。我最近搞了一个可以流式播放加密mp3的东西,走普通http协议。但swf的加密还是很头痛。



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