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api changed in AIR1.5.2

08.12.2009, air, by .
  • Before AIR 1.5.2, pressing the ESC key in full-screen or full-screen interactive mode would exit full-screen mode, and there was no way to prevent it. With AIR 1.5.2, when using the full-screen interactive mode an application using the 1.5.2 namespace can capture the keyDown event and call the preventDefault() method of the event. This change only affects the full-screen interactive mode; the full-screen mode is not affected.
  • Before AIR 1.5.2, SWF content embedded in and HTML container in a transparent window could not be displayed. With AIR 1.5.2, SWF content can be displayed with certain wmode settings.
  • The network timeout is now 60 minutes on Windows and Mac OS.
  • In addition, new APIs have been added. Update your application descriptor file to the 1.5.2 namespace in order to access the new AIR 1.5.2 APIs and behavior. To update the namespace, change the xmlns attribute to:
  • Capabilities.supports32BitProcesses and Capabilities.supports64BitProcesses – These properties indicate whether the system supports 64-bit or 32-bit processes.
    • LocalConnection.isPerUser – This property indicates whether LocalConnection objects are scoped to the current user (true) or are globally accessible to all users on the computer (false). This property only affects content running on Mac OS; other platforms ignore this parameter. For example, local connections on Windows and Linux are always per-user. In previous versions, all LocalConnection objects on Mac OS had a global scope. For security reasons, always set this property to true, unless you need to preserve compatibility with previous versions. In future releases, this property is likely to have a default value of true.
    • System.disposeXML(xml:XML) – This static method makes an XML object immediately available for garbage collection. This method removes parent and child connections between all the nodes for the specified XML object. This method takes one parameter: the XML object to be made available for garbage collection. Use this method to ensure the efficient disposal of memory associated with XML objects.
  • 以上是来自官方的更新说明。似乎没什么大改变。更多信息可以查看这里: 里面的bug修复列表值得一看。看看你遇到了几种…

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