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Resolving multinames

01.22.2010, flash, by .

Typically, the order of the search for resolving multinames is the object’s declared traits, its dynamic properties,
The dynamic properties and prototype chain search will only happen if the
and finally the prototype chain.
multiname contains the public namespace (dynamic properties are always in the public namespace in
ActionScript 3.0; a run-time error is signaled if an attempt is add a non-public property). If a search does not
include one or more of these locations, it is noted in the text in the following chapters. Otherwise, you can
assume that all three are searched in this order to resolve a multiname.
If the multiname is any type of QName, then the QName will resolve to the property with the same name and
namespace as the QName. If no property has the same name and namespace as the QName, the QName is
unresolved on that object.
If the multiname has a namespace set, then the object is searched for any properties whose name is the same as
the multinames name, and whose namespace matches any of the namespaces in the multinames namespace set.
Since the multiname may have more than one namespace, there could be multiple properties that match the
multiname. If there are multiple properties that match a TypeError is raised since it is ambiguous which
property the multiname is referring to. If no properties match, then the multiname is unresolved on that object.


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