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some tips to improve the preformance of your applications

10.19.2009, air, flash, by .

Some tips that can help improve the performance of your applications:

  1. Try to use the smallest “frameRate” possible in your application. To do this, set stage.frameRate or mx:WindowedApplication attribute of your application. This will help reduce the overall amount of CPU usage for applications.
  2. When your application is in the background, set “stage.frameRate = 1;” as it will reduce CPU usage to < 1% 2.To be notified when an Adobe AIR application goes into the background: “this.addEventListener(AIREvent.APPLICATION_DEACTIVATE, appDeactivate);” Grant has put together a simple class that does this for you.
  3. Use Timer whenever possible instead of enterFrame handlers. The later are expensive and are called often.
  4. If you are building a Flex-based application, use the Flex Builder profiler to identify optimizations that can be made in your code. By doing so, you might find that you are, for example, invoking network calls more frequently than you need to.

The above content is from adobe air blog

A very great feature of flashplayer10.1: Global exception handler.全局的异常捕获。呵呵,这个确实太有用了。毕竟写程序的时候,难免会忽略一些问题,这个时候很有可能造成flashplayer的崩溃。flashplayer10.1就添加了一个全局异常捕获控制(a global exception handler).


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