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What l like and not like

07.15.2009, 快乐生活, by .

As a flash developer, I like the job I take now. However, I have to show my mind about my job:

I like my job, and even love.

I like the tasks with challenge.


I don’t like some one who  know nothing about flash always telling me how to do.

I don’t like some one who  know nothing about flash ask me: can you fix it out?,   I said yes, and he ask again:how? ( If I said: I cann’t, he will ask: why cann’t?)

I don’t like some one who always change his mind and let me change my work totally! What am I ? A machine?No, I am a flasher, a creator,  having my own ideas, not a writer.

So what is the more important?  Work with your originalities or just follow the Product officer’s instructions?

What l like and not like 有 2 条回应

  1. 跳槽来我这里吧,这里只有你love的,没有你don’t like的,哈哈

  2. same problem here.
    have to follow decisions of game designers. what will happen after every click of button…no creativity is needed at all. flash programmer shouldnt be like this!



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