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Which tag will active DoABC to run

07.06.2009, flash, by .

In as3 swf file, all actionscript byte(ABC) data is been defined by tag  DoABC. By the way, there is another tag to define ABC data:DoABCDefine. DoABCDefine’s tag is 72.

Back to the question: Which tag will active DoABC to run? After my test, I find the tag ShowFrame will trigger DoABC to run. After DoABC been executed, the all classes, variables, function are all been added to AVM(Actionscript Virtual Machine).

Which tag will active DoABC to run 有1条回应

  1. 2012-06-26 在 13:33 lail3344


    and in swf standard, DoABC tag is 82, DoABCDefine is not remarked.



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